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Styling the hosts of Ultimate Love: Dakore .E. Akande and Oluwaseun P

Ultimate Love is Nigeria’s first Love match making TV show and I was opportune to style the hosts of the show: Dakore Egbuson-Akande and Oluwaseun P for the maiden season.

My Creative Direction for styling the hosts was to coordinate their looks in terms of style, color and texture. As the show progressed, it became a full on ‘matchy-matchy’ styling; but the good news is that the hosts, production crew and audience liked it which was awesome. See link onĀ Africa Magic website.

The show lasted 8 weeks which means the hosts had 8 Sundays to take the stage, make comments about weekly activities and evict a couple. So every Sunday was fashion Sunday. It was also important for be make sure that outfits were comfortable enough for hosts to move around in.

Below are looks worn from Week 1 to Week 8.

Week 1: Ultimate Love opening show.
Dakore wearing Lanre Da-Silva Ajayi & Seun wearing Telvin Nwafor


Week 2- Dakore wearing DZYN and Oluwaseun wearing Telvin Nwafor


Week 3- Oluwaseun wearing Vanskere and Dakore wearing DZYN


Week 4: Oluwaseun wearing Vanskere and Dakore wearing Imad Eduso


Week 5- Both Dakore and Oluwaseun in Nonnistics


Week 6- Oluwaseun in Black Thread and Buttons and Dakore in Jewel Jamila


Week 7- Oluwaseun in Nonnistics and Dakore in Moofa


Dakore in Moofa and Oluwaseun in Ugo Monye


So which of the weeks had your favorite looks? Kindly comment and share..


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