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The BLACK OPAL beauty campaign.

Sometime Last year, I was hired ”Some Solutions’ a PR company to style a campaign shoot for a Makeup brand called BLACK OPAL. The campaign was aimed at celebrating Nigerian brides & so the brief was to style the models in the different bridal looks for both a white wedding & traditional wedding. The white wedding outfits were sourced from Nigerian Fashion brands: Ejiro Amos Tafiri & Mai Atafo. I had help from an ingenuous accessory designer called Gbenga Arts Smith who assisted with the¬†traditional outfits¬†& everything came out looking bomb.

Photography was done by Emmanuel Oyeleke; Makeup was done by Lillian Paul & Adella Makeover. Check out some of the images from the shoot.


Outfits from Ejiro Amos Tafiri


Outfits from Mai Atafo & shoes from Mobos Fashion.



Jewellery from both Stylist’s collection & Gbenga Art Smith

Traditional Outfits by Mania Ala Asooke & Patrick Ayanski

I think the images came out awesomely. You have any enquiries? kindly email and follow me on all social media platforms @rhodaebun @rtfcompany


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